February 28, 2010

Questions on Dog Care from a Newbie Pet Owner

The family recently bought a shih-tzu dog from a neighbor. At first I was not interested as I am not an inborn pet lover...not even for the tamest dogs. As taking care of dogs especially shih-tzu is really something new for me, I have here a few questions which I hope you could enlighten me with being a newbie in dog care.

1. AS part of dog grooming, what are the things that I should do to eliminate the odor? our shih-tzu takes a bath once a week only, should we increase the frequency?

2. Is the use of ordinary shampoo and conditioner (for humans) appropriate for dogs especially for the thick dog coats of shih-tzu? or should I really use dog products such as dog shampoo, conditioner, powder, etc? what dog products would you recommend?

3. Our dog is almost 1 year already. Is he prepared for mating already? when is the most appropriate time?

4. We will soon acquire a girl shih-tzu. I this ok for our boy shih-tzu? or are there preparations for our boy shih-tzu?

I would highly appreciate it if you could answer my questions above.

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