February 25, 2010

Natural Dog Treats - Provide Extra Nutrition For Your Dog the Natural Way

By Stewart G Robertson

It seems that nowadays, thank goodness, more and more dog owners are becoming increasingly more conscious of the nutritional needs of their pets. More and more they appreciate the benefits of giving their animals treats made only from natural ingredients.

* Marketable Natural Dog Treats

Natural dog treats have nothing added to them. No fillers, no preservatives and most importantly, no chemicals, leaving just pure dog nutrition. In addition, natural treats make use of the highest quality of edible foodstuffs and prepared using methods which make them even edible by human beings. There are loads of different natural treats available, some which you will already be aware of, and some which you might not have thought of.

Natural pork dog chews are probably the most popular and widely known dog treat. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from pigs ears to pig snouts to rolls of pork rind. Pigs ears are much loved by dogs. They contain an acceptable quantity of fat and have a flavor that dogs find irresistible.

Natural fish dog chews have loads of protein and different varieties may contain omega-3 and omega-6 which are fatty acids which promote a good healthy skin and fur. Dog chews made from natural poultry are low in fat and are suitable for dogs with allergies. Dog chews made from natural lamb are perfect for sensitive dogs and dogs which are allergic to certain foodstuffs. All these natural treats should be oven baked and dried and contain no seasoning, preservatives or coloring agents.

Greenies are one more much loved dog treat - a distinctive range of treats that utilizes chlorophyll and naturally cleans your dogs teeth and freshens the breath. If your dog isn't used to having his teeth brushed, Greenies and other dental chews will help keep your dogs teeth and gums healthy. New Greenies are softer toothbrush shaped and when your dog chews them their teeth sink in up to the gum which provides a cleaning action and removes any debris lodged in between the teeth.

* Other Types Of Natural Dog Treats

If you take a look around your kitchen, check the refrigerator or even look in the garden you will be surprised at just how many natural treats are available right on your doorstep. Sliced apples, sticks of celery as well as carrots all make very good natural treats. Each and every one provides proteins and vitamins. A carrot by itself contains 5 different Vitamins, Protein, Iron, Fiber, Potassium and loads more. All natural ingredients and no chemicals. Just feed them on their own or for an extra special very occasional treat try with a little peanut butter. Dogs go absolutely crazy for peanut butter but don't feed it very often. don't feed dogs chocolate intended for human beings, grapes, figs, plums or raisins.

Whether or not you purchase commercial dog treats or use treats direct from your garden or refrigerator, natural dog treats are a fantastic method of providing your dog with a supplement of extra nutrition and no need to worry about any nasty chemicals being administered without your knowledge.

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This is a good material to read if you are wondering what healthy alternatives to give your dog pets. From the article alone you can imagine now what better pet dog food we can actually give our dog pets that could actually address dog health issues through the benefit of foods available even in our refrigerators.

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