May 31, 2010

A List of Dog Supplies That Are Essential For Dog Owners

When you think to get a dog, you must make sure that the decision is not made lightly. Give careful thought to the kind of dog you get to ensure that it's the right fit for your home, family, and energy level. Additionally, be certain that you are in a position to sufficiently care for your pet. This includes not only appropriately feeding it and exercising it, but buying all needed dog supplies.

There are a wide range of these pet supplies for dogs available, however it is important to understand that you don't need all of them right away. However, there are many things you must be certain you have available before you ever bring your dog home.

May 13, 2010

Secondhand Smoke Can Cause Cancer, Lymphoma in Pet Dogs and Cats

Secondhand smoke does not only affect the people around those who smoke, it affects pets, too. Secondhand smoke is dangerous because it contains more than 250 toxins, at least 50 of which cause cancer, according to the Connecticut Surgeon General's Office. In humans, secondhand smoke can lead to heart disease and lung cancer. In pets, secondhand smoke can cause cancer and respiratory problems, as well.

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