May 10, 2010

Puppy Training: Dog Biting

The family recently bought a 1-month old shih-tzu puppy. We named her Pugsy. She was behaved during the first few weeks, until recently when we noticed scratches and bites in our furniture (sofa). At first these were just small scratches and minor bites. Last week though, I noticed her biting off the edge of our wooden sofa such that the edge actually chipped off, showing the inner of the wood. I just felt so bad that I hit her with a slipper...I was just so frustrated!

Since that incident, we agreed to place her in a cage. On few occasions that she's free, she still has the habit of tagging or pulling things.

I have a few questions here:

1. What puppy training can I employ to prevent puppy housebreaking such as dog biting?
2. Does employing "force" immediately after committing a sin prevent a dog from committing the same bad act?

Training puppies not to bite could be a hard help me please...

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