February 24, 2010

Small Pet Dogs: Shitzu and Children

Children are drawn to the shitzu for its charming appearance and small size, but children must be taught to reverence these noble, proud dogs and to resist the enticement to touch until the dog has had time to become acquainted. The shitzu is a friendly, trusting, affectionate dog. It should not be mishandled. Teach children to approach your shitzu gently and to pet them only with permission and under your supervision. Shitzu's are sweet, gentle, and mild mannered, but under the wrong circumstances, accidents can happen.

Kids should learn not to put their face up close against an animal. It is very appealing to rub a cheek across the soft fur, or even to try to kiss the pet, but this should be dejected. Since young children are short and their heads are large in fraction to their bodies, the greater part of animal bite wounds inflicted on children happen in the area of the face and head.

The next thing kids should learn is how to properly pet and handle their new shitzu. Demonstrate the correct way to lift the puppy, by placing one hand under its rear legs and the other hand under its chest and abdomen for support. Many children are too small to hold a puppy or an adolescent shitzu. Under adult supervision, however a child can sit on the floor and hold the puppy in his or her lap. Teach children not to lift the shitzu by its legs. Your pet could be dropped or its limbs could be injured, dislocated, or broken. Also, do not try to lift your shitzu by the nape of the neck. This is uncomfortable for a shitzu. It will struggle and try to get away and may be dropped and injured. It may also cause the animal's eye to bulge. In some cases, if the skin is pulled back too tightly, especially around the head, one or both eyes can be forced out from their sockets and require immediate veterinary care to save the eye and vision. For a shitzu, holding it by the back of the neck can be dangerous and painful.

There is no limit to the things children can learn from a shitzu. These magnificent dogs provide an outstanding chance for adults to teach children about pets, the significance of gentle care and handling, kindness, and respect for life. They provide a way for very young children to learn responsibility by participating in the animal's care, learning the importance of providing water, food, a home, and a kind heart.

A number of children are alarmed or uncomfortable around dogs, particularly big ones. Since a shitzu is small and appealing, it can be probable for a child to replace nervousness, fear, or shyness with gentleness and warmth. Adult direction is necessary when a child is caressing any dog of any breed.

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