February 27, 2010

Pet Grooming: How to Brush Your Dog's Hair

Pet Grooming can be synonymous to pet health. But pet grooming covers a wide area. so for now, let us concentrate on our pet dog's hair specially the proper technique and pet supply needed for combing your dog's hair.

Brushes for Thick Coats
There are many different brushes out there. First, I would start with a slicker brush, this is a very stiff bristle, works really good on your curly coats or thick, double coats and helps get through a thicker coat a little bit easier.

Brushes for Older Dogs
Our next brush has softer bristle for your older dogs, for fragile skin types. The main thing is to avoid causing brush burn.

Brushes for Smaller Dogs
This is our third brush, it's a little more smaller of a brush. This one can be used for your smaller or shorter breeds. It s a little more delicate of a brush.

Dog Combs
Along with the brushes I would always have a comb. This is a medium coarse comb with a little bit of spacing in between. This is just to double check and make sure your dog is brushed out all the way.

Line Brushing
We're going to go over and watch the proper technique for brushing. We're going to use the softer bristle brush, especially for a dog which is a little bit older, with a coat that is getting a little bit thinner, which tells us that its skin may be more fragile.

Basic typical problem when brushing is that a lot of us pet owners want to brush our dogs in a manner called this "top brushing." We need to get to the skin, so we need to use a technique called "line brushing".


1. Pull Coat Upwards to Reveal Skin
So what we need to do is take one hand and begin to pull the coat upwards so we can see the skin. So well take what's under our hand holding the coat back and we'll gently brush out from what's underneath our hand. That way we can see the skin, and we know we're getting the coat brushed out all the way from the bottom. As I mentioned, our typical pet owner wants to top brush, but when we go over with our comb in the end it tends to get stuck.

2. Double Check With Comb
Once we get an area brushed out, we take our comb and double check. The comb should go right through like it would our own hair. If were going to be working on the head area, a lot of our dogs at home may not want to be bushed when they see the brush coming, so what I would suggest is to just do a little bit at a time.

3. Make Brushing Fun
Don't make your dog sit for too long in one place. Make fun out of it, make it positive. So what we can do is brush over the ear afterwhich do line brushing underneath the neck area, making sure you getting through the coat and down to the skin, cause that's where our problems start.

4. Make Sure to Remove Dead Skin
A lot of times if we don't get to the skin well get matted situations, and were not getting the dead skin off, and that's what we need to do to make the skin breathe and be healthy.


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