February 25, 2010

Consideration on Dog Health

I don't like pets... not even the most tamed dog could capture a non-pet lover like me. Well, that's what I thought almost a year ago. This all changed when a neighbor offered to sell us a shitzu dog which he claimed is one of his rarest if not best small pet dogs. We called our pet dog Yugi-O, named after a favorite TV show most kids are addicted to.

Last week put to test how we dearly love our pet dog, Yugi. It got sick after we bought it a tennis ball dog toy from Ace Hardware. thinking it was safe, since we bought it in a big store, we had our dog played on the ball. Unfortunately,our pet dog got sick. To all of you who could be thinking that any dog product or dog supplies bought in a reputable store could mean it's safe for a dog is in for a big mistake. Believe me. It was a terrifying experience. Seeing our dear Yugi very weak brought us all panicking the whole 2 days.

Lesson learned: dog health should be given paramount importance. It's not something we could just shrug off or consider as irrelevant.

But the most important realization I had after the ordeal? That I am capable of loving a dog and consider it as one of the family.....

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