March 2, 2010

Controlling Dog Aggression

The death of the 4-year old daughter of ‘Ax Men’ star Jesse Browning is indeed very unfortunate especially so that it was their family dog, a Rottweiler, which caused the tragedy.

This once again brought to my consciousness my fear for dogs even pet dogs. As a mother and as a newbie in dog care, I have just a few questions which I hope you guys could help me be enlightened:

1) Is there really such a thing as dog aggression training? Does it really help in controlling dog aggression?

2) In training aggressive dog, do we consider the dog breed, and dogs behavior? could these factors help in designing the dog training tools?

3) What household remedies are immediately available as first aid to dog bites?

4) Is there really such a thing as dog behavior problem? Can this contribute to dog aggression?

5)Kindly give me simple tips in training aggressive dog and how to house train a dog to reduce anxiety at home.

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