March 9, 2010

Is a Leash a Must Have Even for Shih-tzu Dogs?

My family recently bought a shih-tzu dog. All cuddly and very tamed, our shih-tzu dog is allowed to roam around the house unguarded. This is despite the presence of two kids who both loved to play with our dog. Reading your article though on dog leash, i got the impression that having a dog leash is a must have. Here are just a few of my questions related to the topic:

1. Is a dog leash a requirement even for the most tamed dog like a shih-tzu?
2. Is a dog leash training effective to ensure dog obedience? Should this be part of dog training?
3. Are there available flexi dog leashes in the market?
4. Is running dog leash not dangerous to a dog, i.e. would this not cause injury to the dog?
5.As a dog leash is used to lead or hold a dog in check, is this not a form of dog control which could be similar to placing a dog in a dog cage? Will this not increase dog aggression? Or will this be an effective thing to controlling dog aggression?

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  1. Hey Petdogs-Manila ... here are my answers ...

    1. Yes. It is required as much for the safety of your own dog as for others. Does your dog run up to other dogs or people? Does your dog walk beside you perfectly without wavering?? If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, your dog needs a leash. What if your dog ran out and got hit by a car?? SPLAT! All over the road?

    2. No. Leash training is not going to "ensure" obedience. Yes, it should be part of dog training.


    4. Why is your dog running on a leash? I don't understand this question.

    5. You can teach a dog SELF CONTROL by using the leash. Used improperly, ANY training tool and any form of training can create unwanted and undesirable behaviours.


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