March 17, 2010

Top Five New Products & Inventions for Dog Lovers

The numbers are in, and despite restrained consumer spending throughout 2009, Americans nevertheless spent a whopping $45.5 billion on their pets, an increase of 5.4 percent over 2008 levels. A large portion of that spending was focused on canines. Yet as much as dog owners love their pets, they are realistic enough to know they are a lot of work, too. Here is a countdown of some innovative new pet products to solve the Top Five problems dog owners face. (Hint: Problem Number 1 is, of course, number two! And there you go, scrolling down to read it first!)

Dog Problem Number 5: "My dog is such a sloppy eater that he spills food out of the bowl and sloshes his drinking water everywhere! NOT COOL!"

Solution: The Neater Feeder offers a drain and overflow reservoir to capture gulp splashes and the drippy muzzle-water, so you can cut back on the paper towel response. This dog invention sports a rimmed tray surface that takes care of any spilled food, so your pup's enthusiastic dive into his food bowl doesn't mean you must reach for the broom or hand vac at every meal. The feeder system was introduced by TowerStar Pets in 2009 and has been receiving rave reviews ever since. The original sloppy canine that inspired this new dog product, Duke, is now the company spokesdog, and his feeding system can be found in many specialty pet stores and directly from TowerStar Pets.

Dog Problem Number 4: "My dog eats so fast the bowl slides across the floor (making a mess) and he gets indigestion (and sometimes, you know, gas)... that's NEVER COOL!"

Solution: J.W. Pet's Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl has rubberized feet to hold it in place as the unique design forces your ever-ravenous pooch to poke around and maneuver his muzzle and tongue to navigate carefully around the bowl dividers. It could also be fun to watch!

Dog Problem Number 3: "I like to throw a ball for my dog, and then he wants to play tug-of-war with it. But he slobbers WAY too much, and the ball is always so slimy and gooey, I can't hold onto it... I AM GROSSED OUT!"

Solution: Never touch a slobber-ball again! The Toss-N-Tug will give you a fighting chance in that tug-of-war contest. And if that weren't enough, you can select ball color and strap design for a customized purchase when you order directly from the company, If It Wags, LLC. Toss-N-Tug inventor Rob Sinninger, who introduced these new dog products for Christmas 2009, creates them using special tennis balls with a modified nap that's better for dogs. The selection of nylon webbing is terrific; shoppers may want to coordinate a Toss-N-Tug with a new designer collar while they are on the site!

Dog Problem Number 2: My dog is so tired from playing tug-of-war that he sleeps for hours on end, leaving me with time on my hands. Also, as I look at him sleeping, I realize he doesn't look goofy enough... I NEED SOMETHING TO DO!

Solution: Awaken your creative and innovative muse: make your dog an outfit for next year's Dress Up Your Pet Day Competition. After a month of online voting, "Ragedy Andy PeeWee" was awarded top honors by the contest's co-sponsors, the Craft and Hobby Association and We at InventHelp love the imagination and dedication that creative people demonstrate every day, and we are committed to acknowledge it when we see it, and happy to laugh at it when we can! Come on now, that's funny, we don't care who you are!

Dog Problem Number 1: "My dog poops every day! Yo Dog, that ain't COOL!"

Solution: The Poopsta is a spot-on dog invention for cleaning up your pet's dumpsites, to make it all good in the 'hood! This sleek, cylindrical container snaps a rubber band and plastic bag deftly beneath the pile, totally out of sight and hands-free! That's right, this invention is powered by a rubber band! We haven't seen a rubber band put to such hard work since our science teacher wound one up on a toy airplane propeller, and the Poopsta is even less technical than that. But there's more: the Poopsta is ideal for the poop-prolific, as it is capable of scooping multiple piles per outing. So if you are "tired of that squishy feeling under your fingers," check out the Poopsta for hands-free poop-bagging, the solution from Across the Pond. The website links to a video that captures the snap-action of this innovative tool that just might be the next British sensation.



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