March 17, 2010

Dog Washing Machine

A machine made specifically for washing dogs is making the lives of groomers easier in Japan.

It may look more like a washer machine for clothes, but this contraption is perfectly safe for pets.

No more scratches from wrestling with unwilling animals, and it is much cheaper for the customer, too.

A machine wash only costs ten dollars, compared to the 50 dollars that is usually charged for a hand washing.

The only limitation is the size of the dog, big ones won't fit.

The machine was designed in the U.S. and has been available here for a while, but so far Japan only has ten of them.



This newest technological advance in Japan on dog bath seems more popular with owners than dogs. Well, according to my research, the full cycle lasts 33 minutes and includes a shampoo, a rinse and a dry and that more and more people are making use of the dog washing machine such as one installed in a pet supermarket called Joyful Honda in the suburbs of Tokyo.

Is this some kind of animal cruelty? Well I guess we just have to weigh the pros and cons of convenience as against seeing our pet dogs inside a dog washing machine. I must admit, dog bathing is not an easy task especially if your dog washing supplies only revolve in a dog wash tub. It can give you scratches as you battle with your pet dogs' mood for that moment. But I must salute the inventors as they took dog grooming one step ahead thru innovation. With this invention, 'do it yourself dog grooming" will become much easier for pet dog enthusiasts!

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  1. Just dropping by to say hi. Nice blog. I've never heard of a dog washing machine before. I agree with you. I'm also thinking whether it is humane to bathe a dog using this machine.


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